2023 MegaTub TAG

Our Price: $31.00

MegaTub Tag (for those with a MegaTub)

  • 2023 MegaTub Tag to Renew Any Year MegaTub
  • MegaTub Refill
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2023 Tag for your existing MegaTub!
Eco-Friendly option for all guests who currently have a MegaTub from any previous year.

Renewal tags available while supplies last. 

Get your 2023 MegaTub Tag to attach to your existing Megaplex MegaTub online or at any theatre concession stand!

MegaTubs WITHOUT a 2023 renewal tag may not be used after December 31, 2022.

Need a Megaplex MegaTub? No problem! A limited quantity of MegaTub/Tag combos will be available in theatres or online.

Includes the following:

  • 1 2023 MegaTub Tag - To be attached to any previous MegaTub
  • 1 FREE MegaTub Refill Voucher

Questions? Please call 801-304-4545.