Megaplex Store FAQ

How can I purchase a Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

Megaplex Gift Cards in small quantities can be purchased at any Megaplex Theatre Box Office. Quantities of more than 20 cards or bulk orders that qualify for discounts must be purchased through The Megaplex Store online, or by contacting The Megaplex Store during regular business hours. Please visit to buy regular gift cards.

Digital e-Gift Cards are also available for immediate email delivery.  Please visit to purchase e-Gift Cards.

What can I buy with my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

Megaplex Gift Cards are good at all Megaplex Theatres locations and can be used to purchase movie tickets, concessions and/or food items. Gift cards may be used online at, the mobile APP or at any Megaplex Ticket Kiosk for the purchase of movie tickets.   

Where can I use my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

You can use your Megaplex Gift Card to purchase movie tickets, concessions and food court items at any Megaplex Theatres location.
See here for a list of Megaplex Theatres locations

Can I purchase tickets online or on the APP using my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

Yes. To purchase tickets online using your gift card, visit or the mobile APP.  Choose your tickets and seats as usual, once you get to the payment options, you will be asked to choose the card type you will be using to complete your purchase. Select the Megaplex Theatres gift card button and proceed.

How do I check the balance on my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

You can check the balance on your card by taking it to any Megaplex Theatres location or by visiting

  1. Enter your gift card and PIN number (found on the back of the card)
  2. Click ‘Check Balance’.

Can I use my gift card at one of the Megaplex Theatres ticketing kiosks?

Yes. You can use your gift card to purchase tickets at kiosks.  You do not need to print tickets, you may proceed directly to your auditorium when you are ready.

Will my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card ever expire?

No! Megaplex Theatres gift cards never expire. Older gift cards may have a message about service fees.  Megaplex has discontinued assessing service fees.

What if I lose my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card or it gets stolen?

Megaplex Theatres is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Can I return my Megaplex Theatres Gift Card?

No, Megaplex Theatres Gift Cards are non-returnable and not redeemable for cash.

What is the difference between an e-gift card and a regular gift card?

Digital e-Gift Cards and regular gift cards work the same way.  Regular gift cards are a plastic card that is mailed to a recipient or purchased at a theatre box office.  e-Gift Cards are a digital representation that contain the card number and PIN.  The digital email can be printed for ease of use in theatre or kept in digital format on a personal device.

Where can I buy an e-gift card?

Digital e-Gift Cards are available at You may send your e-Gift Card immediately or schedule a specific delivery date.

Can I earn MegaRewards loyalty points on purchases of gift cards?

No.  Gift cards earn points when they are used online or in the theatres. 

Where can I purchase Megaplex Theatres gift packages?

The Megaplex Store offers many exclusive gift packages for your gift giving needs. Orders may be placed online at If you need help with an order, please call 801.304.4545 during normal business hours.

I don’t have time to order online, what can I purchase in theatre at a box office?

 All theatre box offices offer gift cards, double mug packages and single mug packages.  MegaTubs are also available at all theatre locations October – December, while supplies last.

Can I pick up my online order instead of having it shipped?

Yes. Orders can be picked up at one of the Megaplex Store locations.  Please choose ‘Pick-Up’ as your shipping option under “Select Shipping Method” (making sure you have the correct location selected) prior to putting in payment for your online order.  You will be notified via email when your order is available to pick up.  Please note the store hours of the location you selected.  Megaplex Store orders cannot be picked up at the box office. Call us at 801.304.4545 with questions regarding pick up.

Can the Megaplex Store accommodate high quantity orders or products or gift cards?

Absolutely!  The Megaplex Store can produce high quantity orders for corporate use.  Please call 801.304.4545 to discuss possible discounts and delivery timing.

Does my MegaMug expire?

MegaMugs are good for refill at all Megaplex Theatres locations for the life of the mug at the posted refill price of the theatre. Refill prices are subject to change.

Does my MegaTub expire?

MegaTubs are good for a calendar year.  The date posted on the MegaTub is the year that it may be used. 2020 MegaTubs will be honored through March 2021 but need to be renewed thereafter.

Where can I buy a MegaTub?

MegaTubs are available online for pre-order starting late summer. MegaTubs are available at all theatre locations concessions stands starting in late Fall.  Sales continue while supplies last. 

What is Concessions Cash?

The Concessions Cash promotion is a perk for online orders of qualifying products during the promotional period, usually starting in November and going through December 31st. Qualifying product orders will receive concessions cash vouchers in the order when delivered. The vouchers are good towards $5 in concessions items, (sorry not movie tickets), and are valid during the first quarter of the year expiring on March 31st.

How do I get Concessions Cash?

Concessions Cash is received when eligible products are purchased online from the Megaplex Store.  Concessions Cash vouchers are included in eligible orders during fulfillment.  For shipping orders, Concessions Cash will be sent to the recipient.  For e-gift card orders, the purchaser will receive an email for each Concessions Cash voucher. Nothing will appear on your invoice.  

How do I know what products are eligible for the Concessions Cash Promo?

Eligible products include MegaMugs, MegaTubs and gift cards.  Only full price items are eligible.  Any products with a built-in discount do not qualify.

Are there any volume discounts available?

Eligible items can be discounted by 5% for orders over $2000 and by 10% for orders over $5000. Contact the Megaplex Store today to set your account up for the corporate discount.

How do I know if a product is eligible for a volume discount?

Eligible items include plastic gift cards, MegaMugs and MegaTubs that meet the minimum spend. Products with a built-in discount are not eligible for additional discounts. Excluded are movie ticket passes, bulk popcorn vouchers and already discounted corporate packages.