2024 MegaTub Package For Two

Our Price: $79.50


  • 2024 Megatub
  • MegaTub Refill - 1
  • Refillable MegaMugs - 2
  • MegaMug Refills - 2
  • Large Popcorn Voucher - Free
  • LG Popcorn Tub (Packaging Only)
  • Cellophane Wrap and Tie
  • MegaTub Tag

New! MegaTub Top

77 units available
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Megaplex Store Exclusive Item 

Includes the following:

  • 1 2024 MegaTub with Tag - Annual refillable popcorn tub
  • 1 FREE MegaTub Refill Voucher
  • 2 MegaMugs - (color and style may vary from picture shown)
  • 2 FREE Mug Refill Vouchers
  • 1 FREE Large Popcorn Voucher
  • Cellophane Wrap and Tie

Available for 2024, add a reusable MegaTub Top for only $5. Use it as a lid and a bowl!

Megaplex Theatres proudly offers the refillable MegaTub! Like the legendary MegaMug, the more you use the new MegaTub, the more you save!

Bring your MegaTub with you for each Megaplex visit during the 2024 calendar year and refill it for a reduced price.


Available While Supplies Last


Megaplex MegaTub

  • BPA Free
  • Rugged construction with a convenient carrying handle
  • 200-ounce capacity
  • Can be refilled anytime for less than the cost of a mini popcorn!
  • Final product may vary from image shown

Megaplex MegaMug

  • 32 oz
  • Insulated
  • Lid with spill prevention lock
  • Tapered base fits into most cup holders
  • Grab and Go handle
  • Can be refilled anytime for a fraction of the price of a large drink!